Welcome to the New Perks Plus Solution!

PerksPlus provides an organizationís management with an automated system for driving performance and rewarding desired results with tangible rewards. Drive your organizationís productivity to the next level by using Perks simple and effective approach. Define your goals and rewards in a clear, easy-access system that provides immediate reinforcement for a job well done.

The system provides a Virtual Program Manager to assist in the creation and customization of sales contests, employee recognition programs, sales lead referrals, and nomination approval systems. The VPM provides step by step instruction to guide the quick and efficient creation of a performance management program customized for you department or entire organization.

Is PerksPlus right for you?

PerksPlus is the automated version of our existing Enterprise solution. Our automated solution is right for those organizations who want to maximize their incentive budget with a more basic, hands-on solution. The system automates incentive plans for Sales Incentive, Employee Recognition, and Sales Referral program types. The pricing plan has been structured to suit individual business needs, including long term, month to month, and small business programs. With Perks Plus, you can manage your account, programs, and point balance on YOUR time, knowing that help is only a click away. Start creating your Perks Plus incentive solution today!

What are the functionalities of Perks Plus?

  • Recognize and Reward Employees for the Performance Metrics that Your Organization Values, through a Simple, Effective and Automated Approach
  • Customize Contests, Programs and Awards to Meet the Specific Needs of Your Organization
  • Complete Rewards Zone with Immediate Rewards and Extensive Merchandise Catalog
  • Drive Sales Goals Systematically and Measure the Effectiveness of Your Unique Strategy through One Simple Interface
  • Virtual Program Manager contest wizard allows for easy step by step instructions to assist you in the creation of your incentive solution
  • Support Via LiveChat and Toll Free Number available to ensure a smooth set up experience
  • Broad Selection of Creative Themes to Fit Your Corporate Culture and Vision
  • Employees have Access to their Goals through Web Interface
  • Flexible Payment Terms to Suit Your Business Model
  • Save Time and Administrative Bandwidth while Recognizing Anniversaries, Excellent Performance, Employee of the Month as well as Custom Awards
  • Reward Employees with Airpoints®

What will PerksPlus do for you?

Our automated system allows you to develop an incentive solution that will meet the specific needs of your organization. Perks Plus allows you to motivate and recognize employee behaviors, while at the same time, achieving your organizational goals. Drive performance and reward employees with a large variety of tangible rewards that are encouraging to any demographic. Let Perks Plus provide you with the tools needs to get your organization motivated today!

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